One of the first things you should do when you move into a new house is to change your locks. While the previous owner does provide you with a set of keys, you have no idea how many other people have keys to your new home. However, should you replace all of your locks or simply have them rekeyed?

Many people who call us after purchasing a new home don’t understand the difference between replacing and rekeying locks. When you replace a lock, you remove the entire lock and replace it with a new one. Rekeying, on the other hand, involves changing the pins in the lock so that a different key will work. In most cases, rekeying your locks is sufficient. There are some instances in which you may want to actually replace your locks. For example, if the locks aren’t working correctly or are very old. If you have different brands of locks, you may want to replace some of them so that all of your locks are the same brand (and therefore can work with the same key).

You may also want to have your locks replaced if you don’t like the look of your current locks or if you want a high-security lock system. When moving into a new home, you should always change your locks. While rekeying is usually the best solution, there are other options depending on the condition and appearance of your locks and the level of security you want.

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