If you own or manage rental properties, you’ve probably heard the phrase “master key.” But do you really know what it means? Many times when a customer asks us to master key their property, what they really want is for all locks to work with the same key. That is not a master keyed system; that is a single key system. In a true master key system, there is one key that works with all of the locks. Each lock also has another key that only works that lock. This is a great system for a property with many doors that are each to be accessed by a different person, like an apartment complex or office building.

It can also be convenient for a landlord or property management company that maintains several rental properties. Each tenant has access to only their leased space, but custodians, maintenance workers and managers can enter any space with a single key.

Another benefit of being on a master key system is that rekeying one or only a few locks is much easier for the consumer. If one of your tenants leaves, we can rekey the locks without requiring the landlord to change his keys. While the user key for each lock will change, those with a master key will not need new keys. The master key will still work in all locks on the system.

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