Modern vehicle systems are no longer controlled by just a mechanical key. Nearly all vehicles manufactured since 1998 are equipped with a security system that prevents an un-programmed key from starting or allowing the vehicle to run.

The word transponder is the combination of the words TRANSmitter and resPONDER. Transponder keys operate using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology. An RFID chip in the key provides a digital identity to the receiver in the vehicle when the key is inserted into the ignition switch. This signal charges up the transponder until it triggers a response from the key.

Transponder keys enhance vehicle security in two ways. First, they help prevent theft by making it much more difficult to start the car’s engine through unauthorized means, such as “hot wiring” or breaking the ignition lock. If no chip is detected, the car will not start. Secondly, transponders limit the possibility that another key could be used to start your car through the use of a digital identity. The use of a digital identity creates many more potential combinations than the use of a standard cuts on a mechanical key and lessens the chance that someone else’s key could be used in your car.

Transponder keys cost more than mechanical key blanks due to the chip technology built into the key and the specialized and expensive equipment required to program the key to be recognized by your car.

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