In our modern world, cars are becoming a more and more critical form of transportation. That makes the key that you use to access, start, and unlock your car critical as well. However, as we are imperfect humans, many people will run into issues with their car keys at various times over the years.

A common issue that drivers face relates to keys locked in the trunk of the car. If your keys get locked securely in your truck, you may desperately be searching for easy ways to overcome this problem. There are a few options to consider.

How to Access Your Keys if the Cab is Unlocked

The best way to free your car keys from your trunk depends on whether the cab of the car is locked. If you have access to the cab of the car, there’s two easy tricks to gain entry to the trunk.

Use the Trunk Release Button

Another easy solution is to use the trunk release button located inside the car. Many modern vehicles have this feature.

If you have access to the interior of the car through an open door or window, this can immediately provide you with a solution.

Some places you may not think to look for your trunk release is in your glove box, to the left of the steering wheel, on the underside of the steering wheel, a lever located on the driver’s slide floor, on the driver’s side door, or inside the middle console.

Fold Your Seats Down

If your car does not have a trunk release button, it may have fold-down rear seats. If so, you simply have to fold the seats down and wiggle your way into the trunk to access the keys.

However, this option also requires you to have access to the interior of the car, and there may be a chance that your interior is locked.

How to Access Your Keys if the Whole Car is Locked

If the cab of your car is locked, chances are you may have to jump through some extra hoops, like overriding the locking mechanism. However, it’s possible that as your brain flooded with panic, you forgot you have a spare set of keys. Here are two options for retrieving  your keys from your trunk  if your entire car is locked.

Get Your Spare Keys

It is easy to get stressed out at the thought of not having access to your car keys, and in your moment of stress, you may have forgotten about your spare set of car keys.

In many cases, these may be sitting safely inside your home, and you may only have to walk a few feet to access them. In some cases, your spouse or roommate can bring the spare keys to you.

However, not everyone has a spare key. Even if you do, your house key that is needed to get into the home may also be locked in your trunk.

To prepare for these types of situations, always ask your dealership or a local locksmith to create a backup key for you.

Override the Locking Mechanism

If you need another option to consider, you may be able to override the locking mechanism to the trunk.

Each make and model has a different step-by-step process to complete the task, and you can research the steps for your vehicle online.

Generally, however, you need to have a battery source available. You may also create a short in the car’s fuse box that releases the trunk.

Ask for Help

There’s no doubt that locking your keys in the trunk is a tricky fix on your own. If you’ve tried the methods above but still can’t gain entry to your trunk, enlist the help of a professional locksmith.

Call a Locksmith

Unless you have significant automotive or mechanical experience, you may not be comfortable overriding the locking mechanism to your trunk.

If this is the case and you have exhausted other options, rest assured that there is still an easy option available. Pop-a-Lock provides fast, affordable rates for this type of locksmith service.

Whether you have locked your keys in the trunk or the car’s cabin, the Pop-a-Lock team can easily open the lock for you. It can be stressful to be in a situation where you need your car keys and they are not available.

In some cases, you may be in a hurry and may have limited time available to wait for service. The good news is that Pop-a-Lock provides the fast response and efficient service that you need when an urgent issue arises.

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