Over the years, Kwikset’s product line has expanded. Although it still manufactures locks that use traditional hardware, it also has products that use electronic technology. The company’s SmartCode technology allows for keyless unlocking and locking of a door by just using a keypad. They can be a companion to any knob, lever or deadbolt lock made by Kwikset.

Electronic Locks

For exterior doors, there’s a SmartCode deadbolt that employs a motorized deadbolt that locks the door once the user enters the code. You may choose a SmartCode Lever lock for interior use.

It’s elegant and users can program it to lock automatically after 30 seconds. This product is a good choice for home offices, storage rooms and inside garage doors.

A cost-effective solution for interior garage doors is the Powerbolt lock, which also has a SmartKey cylinder and uses a motor-driven deadbolt powered by 4 AA batteries.

You can choose two customizable codes. The alarm on SmartKey and Powerbolt locks goes off if the incorrect code is entered three times.

Powerbolt locks are compatible with many decors because they come in Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel and Lifetime Polished finishes. Kwikset offers a broad range of finishes for other locks.

SmartKey locks and Powerbolt locks have SmartKey Re-Key technology to allow for the re-keying of locks quickly and easily. SmartKey locks have superior resistance to picking and drilling.

Locks That Provide Extra Protection

A deadbolt lock is one with a metal bolt that goes into the strike plate and door jamb of the door. The keyholes they use are either single or double cylinder.

If the lock is a single-cylinder one, the cylinder is typically on the entry side and a thumb latch, which is less secure than a deadbolt, on the other side.

A double-cylinder lock has one cylinder on the entry side and another on the other side. A key is needed to unlock both sides. We typically place double-cylinder locks on doors that are near a window or on doors that have a window on them. This is to thwart thieves who may break a window in an attempt to gain entry by simply turning a thumb latch.

If you want to use your smartphone to control your entry and exit, there’s Kevo technology. Using it, you can control your lock with a smartphone.

Once the app is downloaded to your phone and the lock is set up, you simply touch the single-cylinder lock to unlock the door or you can use a key to gain entry. A Kevo 2nd Gen lock will allow you to use your smartphone to unlock a door from the distance that is within range of your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

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