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Owning your own business is a big part of the American dream for many people. While there are several factors involved in being your own boss, one of the most important is making sure that your business is safe and secure for yourself, for your employees, and for your bottom line.

According to the FBI, there are nearly 500,000 commercial building burglaries every year. Vandalism and theft can lead to financial and personal stress that already overworked employers cannot afford. Here are some simple steps you can take to help secure your business and protect your future.


Business owners should make sure that their commercial buildings include the kind of equipment that deters intruders from attempting to unlawfully enter the premises and stops them if they try.

The material most widely considered to be the best for secure commercial entry doors is tempered glass. This material is very good at resisting breakage from an attempted burglar or even debris tossed around by high winds.


Windows are the other major point of entry for potential thieves, so it is critical that you use the best possible windows in your building. When it comes to the best materials for windows, many would put fiberglass at the top of the list.

Fiberglass is known for its ability to withstand some very significant impact, which is why many contractors recommend it for their commercial clients. The window frame is also important, and the most popular frames are made of aluminum. This material provides added strength to windows, and the combination of aluminum and fiberglass in windows is thought by many to be the best for security and durability.


Installing commercial grade doors and windows is obviously important, but they must include the appropriate strong, high-quality locks in order to be truly effective in securing your building.

If installing a traditional lock and key system does not appeal to you, then you should explore your options. Keyless entry code locks allow only those who know the code to gain access to the building or a specific room, but you must make sure the code is not given to unauthorized personnel.

A Medeco XT system, for example involves a powered key.  You are able to schedule what hours the key is active, for instance, during an employees work hours only.  An internal audit occurs every time a key touches the lock allowing you to see who attempted to open what door at what time.

If a key is lost or you terminate an employee, you are able to immediately deactivate the key. This system extremely reasonably priced and is much more affordable than a key card access system, but offers the same level of security.

You’ve worked hard to create your own business and provide for your family and employees. It’s a good idea to ensure the security of that business so that you can continue to thrive and work toward achieving new goals.

Whether you need new high-security locks installed, a broken door repaired, or you’d just like to discuss your options, we here at Pop-A-Lock are here to help with our 24-hour care and have a strong dedication to providing you the tools you need to protect your investment.