You don’t need to go to the dealership to get new car keys. At Pop-A-Lock we have got you covered at a fraction of the cost and with the same professional support you would get at the dealer. Our locksmiths are experienced at duplicating or re-issuing car keys for almost all models, makes, and brands. We have the tools and know-how to get you back on the road in no time at all and at very competitive prices.

Some enthusiastic car owners may want to program a car key on their own. If you follow certain steps, you can program your car keys. If, however, you want a professional car locksmith to take care of the task, Pop-A-Lock is your go-to locksmith.

Programming transponder keys

For vehicles equipped with transponder keys, the key contains a small chip that works by communicating with the vehicle’s immobilizer system to allow the engine to start.

Generally, there are a few common methods used to program car keys, which include DIY programming, using a specialized programming machine, or seeking professional assistance from a locksmith from Pop-A-Lock.

To program a key, you typically need at least one working key. Here’s a simplified process:

  1. Insert the working key into the ignition: Start the motor and let it run for a few seconds. This step may be necessary to put the vehicle’s computer system into programming mode.
  2. Turn off the engine and remove the working key.
  3. Insert the new key into the ignition: Depending on the vehicle, you may need to turn the ignition to the “on” position (just before starting the car) and hold it for a certain period, often around 10-15 seconds.
  4. Turn off the ignition and remove the new key. If the process has been successful, the new key should now be programmed. Some vehicles require you to start the engine with the new key as the final step.

Programming a Car Key Fob

Key fobs control the remote locking and unlocking of your car’s doors and, in some cases, remote starting of the vehicle. Programming a key fob is similar to car key programming and usually involves the following steps:

  1. Enter the vehicle and close all doors.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition. For some vehicles, you will need to cycle the ignition from “off” to “on” a specific number of times within a certain timeframe, usually around five to eight times.
  3. Listen for a locking sound or look for a flashing light signal. This indicates the vehicle has entered programming mode.
  4. Press a button on the key fob. This might be the lock or unlock button. In some cases, you may need to press it multiple times.
  5. Wait for the vehicle to respond. This could be another locking sound or the doors locking and unlocking.
  6. Turn the ignition off. This typically exits the programming mode.
  7. Test the key fob to ensure it operates the vehicle’s locks correctly.

Important Considerations

  • Check the owner’s manual: Always refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual for the exact programming instructions, as the steps can differ significantly.
  • Professional assistance: If the manual does not provide clear instructions or if you have lost all keys to the vehicle, professional programming by a locksmith like Pop-A-Lock will come in handy.
  • Security: Some vehicles require a PIN or a code to access the programming mode, especially for adding new keys when all original keys are lost. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized key duplication.
  • DIY programming is not always possible or recommended, especially for newer vehicles with more sophisticated security systems. In such cases, a specialized key programming machine may be required and you should reach out to our Pop-A-Lock locksmiths to help you with your car key programming.
  • For vehicle owners, the safest and most efficient way to program a car key is to consult with a professional locksmith from Pop-A-Lock. We have the expertise and equipment to program keys accurately. With our car keys, you will have car keys that work correctly with your car’s security system. We can also provide additional services, such as key cutting and advice on how to handle key programming for specific vehicle models.

Pop-A-Lock locksmiths for your car key programming

If you doubt your DIY car programming skills or if you are concerned you might damage your car security system, it’s best to call on our Pop-A-Lock locksmiths to program your car keys. We can reprogram and re-issue car keys for almost all cars, makes, and models.

We offer reliable, affordable, and professional car key programming services. We can have your car keys ready within minutes so you are back on the road safely and reliably. Our locksmiths are as expert as the ones at your dealership but far more affordable.

Call Pop-A-Lock and we can even program your car keys on the spot!