Locksmiths from Pop-A-Lock of Nashville, TN and Mobile, Al attended Advanced Transponder training this week in Lebanon, Tn lead by instructor Donnie Sherfield of Lock It Up Pro.

The automotive locksmith industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years from mechanical keys to encrypted proximity smart keys and the industry continues to evolve. The days of getting a key for your car made at the local hardware store are over. Today’s modern vehicles require extremely specialized training, equipment and trusted personnel to service.

Today’s modern locksmith requires extensive ongoing education on vehicle immobilizer systems, smart keys and vehicle diagnostic systems. There are no schools, courses or formal outlets for this training. Learning is taking place through dedicated groups of progressive locksmiths who embrace the future and want to trade best practices with each other to pierce the veil of secrecy and obscurity around these major paradigm shifts in Automotive vehicle security.

One of the critical tools needed to service next generation vehicles is J2534 compliant programming devices. These tools allow vetted locksmiths to directly access factory programming technologies to restore drive-ability to vehicles with lost keys or those that need a duplicate credential. This arrangement benefits everyone involved: Customers receive OEM supported service in their time of need and locksmiths receive the critical security information and software needed to quickly get motorist back on the road if all keys or smart keys have been lost.

Additionally, Eeprom level service allows non J2534 compliant vehicles to be serviced and put back on the road. This involves board level service of integrated devices and encrypted key technology to replace lost keys in a mobile environment when no other feasible means is available.

Automotive locksmith technology will certainly continue to evolve and the need for skilled craftsman to service these systems will become more critical as the technology continues to expand in both usage and complexity. Pop-A-Lock is fortunate to have a wide base of experienced locksmiths and technicians who have embraced these changes as they have developed and they are ready to provide top quality service today and in the future.

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