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Pop-A-Lock, Popalock, Pop A Lock…no matter how you type it…make sure you are using us, the original Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Mobile!


Pop-A-Lock, also known as PopalockPop A Lock and many other colorful variations has been in operation since 1991, providing millions of motorist with fast, friendly and affordable Car Door Unlocking service.

Pop-A-Lock specializes in damage free service with flat rate pricing, that won’t go up once we get onsite. What we quote is all you will have to pay. Other companies you find on the internet may demand additional money once they are on site by falsely telling you that your car is ‘more complicated’ so it will cost extra. Don’t go for it, demand they either honor their quoted price or if you can tell them to leave and that you don’t want service. If they ever demand money, move to a safe area and call the police.

Regardless of the type of vehicle, Popalock can open it quickly, safely and at the rate quoted. Go with a professional company.

Locksmith-On-Demand Technology: Pop A Lock fully embraces the transparency of On-Demand technology.

When you call you will receive a text message confirmation right to your phone, when you click the link you will see:

-Picture of the Locksmith coming to assist you.

-Image of the vehicle they will be in.

-GPS tracking map showing their progress to you.

-Confirmation of your service.

-You can also SHARE your GPS location to help us locate you faster!

PRIVACY AND SECURITY: We securely process payment onsite and provide you with a paper or electronic receipt. We accept Cash, Credit or Debit using secure swipe or chip card technology. Our services are often REIMBURSABLE by your insurance, because we provide you with proper documentation. You should NOT provide your credit card to a locksmith before they arrive to provide service in most cases.