Panic. That’s what Janet Sallee felt when she locked her two 7-month-old twins in her van while leaving a friend’s house.


Sallee is not unlike many other busy parents – absentmindedly going about a routine until suddenly, a crisis occurs. For her, it was a hot day, and she started her vehicle to cool it down after placing her little ones in their car seats. A feature in the van locked the door as soon as she closed it, locking her keys and her children inside.

Being trapped inside a locked car is no laughing matter. According to Jan Null, a certified consulting meteorologist,when outside temperatures are at 80 degrees, the temperature inside a closed vehicle can rise to 123 degrees in only one hour.


Luckily for Janet Sallee, tragedy was avoided on that day with the assistance of Pop-A-Lock.

She and her friend called the fire department and Pop-A-Lock, but when Pop-A-Lock arrived first, the technician quickly had the car opened and the kids back in their mother’s arms safe and sound.

Pop-A-Lock provides a variety of services for residential and automotive unlocking and repairs, but the most important service we offer is our PAL Saves Kids Program. Since 1991, our program has saved the lives of more than 350,000 children nationwide at no charge.

On average in the United States, 38 children will die due to heatstroke. Pop-A-Lock believes that is 38 deaths that could have been prevented with one phone call. It only takes fifteen minutes for tragedy to strike.

You can help lower the death rate for heat-related car deaths by doing the following:



Be conscious of your actions while loading and unloading the car. If possible, keep your keys on a wristlet or lanyard so you can place them around your neck while unpacking groceries or helping your kids in and out of the car.


Before you close the car door or truck, do you have your keys in hand? Taking five seconds to account for your keys could keep your child safe.


Once you’ve ensured your child is safely with you, then it is safe to lock the vehicle.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we believe in providing services to anyone whose child is in danger from being locked in a vehicle. Our PAL Saves Kids program revolves around educating the public on what they can do to help save the life of a child.

When you have an emergency, the clock doesn’t stop. Pop-A-Lock will arrive as promised and on time. The safety of the children in our community is our top priority.

If you find yourself in a situation where a child is locked in an unattended vehicle, call 304-362-6376 for the local Martinsburg Dispatch Number.


Pop-A-Lock also provides other services for your home and vehicle:


–         Home Lockout Assistance

–         Deadbolt Installation

–         Home Security Audits

–         Lock Installation and Repair

–         Ignition Repair & Key Extraction

–         Smart Key Duplication for Vehicle



No matter what your key situation may be, give Pop-A-Lock a call! A technician will be there to help you in no time.