At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are all about protecting and informing our customers of the latest news and issues! This blog article shows the importance of choosing a reliable locksmith, and the importance of having proper security in place so it’s not easy to break in. The story deals with a Mayfair boutique with an estimated £1 million worth of jewelry stolen from it all because of a locksmith.

The locksmith in question was tricked by the criminals into opening the shops front door. It all started about 10:30 on Wednesday evening when the locksmith received a call that a man had locked himself out in front of his shop. When the locksmith arrived, he found the man standing in front of the store saying he had forgotten his keys inside. The locksmith not following the proper protocol to find out if the man was truly an owner let him in. The man was then able to steal over 1 million euros worth of jewels.

This article really highlights the importance of hiring a licensed professional locksmith that checks credentials before opening a property. Pop-A-Lock El Paso will always follow the proper protocol to make sure your home or businesses remains safe from intruders. We will always ask for the proper identification before opening any property, and any locksmith you use should.

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