Here at Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are committed to helping you better protect your property and family. We also want you to never have to worry about dealing with any of your locks around your home, that is why we have created this blog to help! Dirty keys can get stuck in your lock making it impossible for you to get into your home! Follow these simple tips to keep your keys/locks working well!

  1. Avoid Storing Keys Where Moisture Is – Moisture will ruin keys with time since it will cause them to rust making them even more difficult to clean.
  2. If your Key Is Wet Whip It Before Storing – It’s always a good idea to whip any residue that may be on your keys before you store them.
  3. To Do A Simple Clean – Wash your keys in Hot water in the sink this can be done every week or each few months depending how often your keys become dirty. After you rinse them dry them with a cloth before storing them.
  4. If Your Key Has Chemicals Or Other Residue On It – You can clean the keys with a solvent like dish soap. The solvent will help break down those hard to get off chemicals that are caked up on the keys.
  5. If Your Keys Are Rusted – You can leave them in a water and vinegar solution for 20 minutes or until the rust has come out. Afterwards make sure your wash the keys with clean water and leave for another 30 minutes. Toothpaste can also work to remove rush on your keys!

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