At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are committed to helping you better protect your property and family. That is why we have created a list of ways to Fix Defective Locks! Defective locks can be a big problem if your trying to secure your home or property. Use these simple tips to make sure that you are protected, and not let down when you need your lock most!

  1. Lock Is Spinning – If you put your key into your lock and just spins around and doesn’t unlock your door you need to replace the lock. Make sure when you replace the lock that you install it correctly for the best security. If you aren’t sure how to properly install a lock give us a call at Pop-A-Lock El Paso now!
  2. Key Is Stuck In Lock – This usually happens because of not enough lubrication inside the lock. This can be avoided in the future by proper lock lubrication every so often. If your key is stuck try and lubricate it and pull straight out without bending. Make sure that when you pull the key out you do so that the key doesn’t break inside the lock. If you cannot safely remove the key call a professional before it gets worse.
  3. Check Your Locks – Overtime all locks will erode and break down so make sure that you are checking them frequently. If your locks are exposed to the elements they should be checked even more frequently. Keep locks clean and dry except from lubricants and your lock should last a long time. If you’re not sure if your locks are in good condition or need to be replaced call us today at Pop-A-Lock El Paso!

Contact Pop-A-Lock El Paso Now! If you have any questions about better securing your property no matter if it’s your car, home, or business Pop-A-Lock El Paso can help! We can handle any locksmith problems in the greater El Paso area! Contact us today and get fast reliable locksmith services you can count on!