According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are at least 2-Million burglary cases reported in the country every year. At Pop-A-Lock we aspire to make the Albuquerque NM free from that statistic through our 24-hour locksmith services. Locksmiths can do much more than getting you into your car or home when you’ve left your keys inside. A reputable commercial locksmith can also access your existing locks and ensure they are in proper working order and introduce security accessories to keep you and your belongings safe. Among the locksmith services we offer include the following;

Emergency Locksmith services offered by Pop-A-Lock

  •        Automotive locksmith services; if you were to lose your keys to your van/car/motorcycle, or if, for instance, your vehicle has one set of keys for some reason. Pop-A-Lock will make sure you have an extra set in hand, and the keys in your possession can be used. Also, we remove all others from the motor vehicle’s database so they will no longer start the car.
  •        Commercial locksmith services; did you know that 48% of inventory loss is because of personnel changes, keys that are given to staff and never returned, failure to control access to company keys or other security breaches. For the residents of Albuquerque NM, a Pop-A-Lock is set to meet all your commercial locksmith services. We specialize in keyless entries, for example, car entry, lock repairs, and high-security locks. Keyless entry relieves the burden of key loss and misplacement that are the major commercial locksmith mishaps. Call us today and experience commercial locksmith services at a whole new level
  •        Residential locksmith; we are Albuquerque NM’s best residential locksmith. We understand how important home security is to you, and we are set to inspire peace of mind in you and the residents of your home. Our services range from, door closer repair, lock repair; new lock installation and rekey lock services. We also install master key systems at request; the master key system has two levels of keying the lesser powerful keys at the bottom are referred to as change keys. Each one operates a single lock or one group of keyed similar locks.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith services, Albuquerque NM, are set to change your perception of Locksmiths. We have a 24-hour emergency service dedicated to offering speedy and quality services. We would like you to call us today, and we shall be happy to secure you.