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Automotive Trunk Unlocking

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Car Door Unlocking

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Locked your keys inside your car? Lose your car keys? Don’t fret! We’re here anytime you need us. Pop-A-Lock’s auto locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (at participating locations).

The days of getting into your car with a coat hanger are gone. The odds of scratching your paint or damaging your doors could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. The better value?

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Why Pop-A-Lock®?

Have you ever accidentally set something down in the wrong place? Perhaps you put the milk back in the cabinet instead of the fridge. Mistakes like this are often inconsequential, sometimes even funny. However, something like accidentally locking your keys in the trunk can cause you serious stress.
What are you to do in a situation like this? Generally, DIY-ing a trunk unlocking is not always your best option. Bypassing your vehicle’s security to access your trunk can require special tools and techniques. Sometimes it’s not as easy as opening the door and pressing a button!

In addition to the complications of bypassing vehicular security, ever-changing automotive technology and differences between makes and models means what works for one car will not always work for another. Even a tutorial for a car that is slightly older or newer may not do the trick. In order to avoid causing unnecessary damage, it’s best to contact a locksmith when you are in need of an automotive trunk unlocking.

Luckily, Pop-A-Lock’s trusted automotive locksmiths are prepared to help you with any locksmithing problem, including car trunk unlocking. Knowing our way around cars is part of the job, and our experts will be able to help you no matter your unique situation. Give us a call and a Pop-A-Lock automotive expert will come to you if you’re in a pinch and need speedy, affordable, mobile service.

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Trunk Unlocking

Why let Pop-A-Lock unlock your trunk?
  • As part of the nation’s largest contingency of automotive locksmiths, we have access to a great source of knowledge that we can rely on for any issue.
  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.
  • Our locksmiths are provided specialized training and specialized equipment to ensure they can provide the best service to our customers.
  • Every locksmith has been background checked and is licensed and insured where applicable.

The cost of car door unlocking varies depending on factors like the type of vehicle, the time of day and your location. Call your local Pop-A-Lock in Austin at 512-447-8222 today to get a quote!

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When you call, we will give you an estimated arrival time and price quote. These things will not change unless you are told ahead of time, and typically only due to circumstances outside of our control. At Pop-A-Lock, we aim to be transparent. Customer convenience and satisfaction are our priorities.

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How long does an automotive trunk unlocking usually take?

We estimate that a trunk unlocking service typically takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. This all depends on your unique situation, the type of vehicle, location, and time of day. Regardless of these factors, however, Pop-A-Lock will get you back on the road in no time!

What if my trunk is deadlocked?

When a car is deadlocked, the doors cannot be opened from the inside or outside. This means that any manipulation of the locking mechanism will not open the doors, and the only way to do so is to use a key. This also negates any option of attempting to open the doors to get to the trunk. Even if this is the case, Pop-A-Lock has your back. Our expert locksmiths will proceed as they see fit, keeping in mind what is best for you and your vehicle.

Is locking the keys in my trunk worse than locking them in the car?

Since every situation is different, it’s tough to say which scenario is the worse one. It mostly depends on the kind of vehicle, the security features, and any added security precautions. It also depends on the type of key your car requires. All of these factors will determine how difficult or easy it will be to give you back access to the trunk of your car.

The only thing to keep in mind, however, is the possibility of complications when it comes to trunk unlocking vs. door unlocking. Though there is usually a slightly higher risk factor when it comes to trunk unlocking, our trusted experts at Pop-A-Lock will use their extensive knowledge to get the job done in a quick and efficient way.

How can I tell if my keys are in my trunk?

It can be difficult to tell whether your keys are in your trunk if you cannot see the entire space directly from outside of the car. The best thing to do is try to remember where you last saw them, and retrace your steps from there.

Leaving your keys in the trunk of your vehicle is usually an accident. For example, keeping your keys in a bag that you tossed in the trunk means you simply forgot your keys were in there! For Pop-A-Lock experts, this is not a problem. They’ll come to you and get you the help you need as soon as possible.

Have more questions or want to see one of our locksmiths for an automotive trunk unlocking? Give your local Pop-A-Lock a call and we’ll be on our way to help you right away.