Choosing the right locksmith can be scary, especially if you are locked out of your car in an empty parking lot. Some companies do not prioritize timeliness, others may hire individuals who are not suitable for a locksmithing career. At Pop-A-Lock, we take great care in hiring the most qualified candidates for the job. If you want to know what to look for when choosing a locksmith, look out for these top traits of a great locksmith.

A person’s hands pressed against the outside of a car window. No one is inside the car, but the lights are on.

Friendly & Welcoming

If you’re calling a locksmith, odds are you are already feeling on edge. You want a locksmith who is sociable and easygoing. Someone with a contagious smile that makes people feel at ease. Locksmiths work with many different people, and it is not uncommon for customers to be in high emotional states as they deal with the stress of a lockout. Losing access to a home, business, or car causes anxiety in most people so it’s important for a locksmith to approach the situation in a calm and friendly manner.


Not only is it important for a locksmith to be patient when interacting with customers, but also as they gain entry to your locked home, business, or car. Locks have very specific parts and it takes time and patience to properly pick a lock without damaging the internal mechanisms. Some locks even have anti-tampering properties to prevent break-ins which can require even more attention to detail. Choosing a locksmith that has the patienceto do things the right way the first time around will save you a headache in the future.

A large pile of padlocks in different shapes and sizes with names or other markings on some of them.


It goes without saying that when you call a locksmith, you want to be certain they have experience in their field. The longer they’ve been in the business, the more trustworthy they are. As locks are made for the sole purpose of keeping unwanted visitors out, it takes an experienced locksmith to counteract the locking mechanisms. Even if you’re not dealing with a lockout, you want to feel confident that your locksmith can install new locks and duplicate keys with pristine accuracy.

Quick Response Time

A locksmith’s main mission is to keep you safe so you want to choose a company that quickly dispatches technicians to your location. At Pop-A-Lock, we will always send a professional locksmith your way as soon as possible. We even have a program to keep children safe in vehicles. The program, PALSavesKids, provides lockout services free of charge to rescue children who are locked inside a vehicle.

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Can Perform a Range of Services

There are two main benefits to choosing a locksmith with a range of services. First, if a locksmith works with residential, commercial, and automotive locks, they will be familiar with a variety of kinds of locks and therefore more experienced at problem solving. Additionally, when you find a professional and trustworthy locksmithing company, you’ll want to keep using that company. Pop-A-Lock provides every locksmithing service you may need – from lock installation and rekeying, to duplicating keys, to ignition repair. We want to form life-long relationships with our customers which is why we do everything we can to give you unbeatable customer service. 

Strong Moral Compass

The most important trait a locksmith should have is trustworthiness. If you are giving someone access to your home, business, or vehicle, you want to be assured that they are honest, ethical, and treat you and your property with respect. At Pop-A-Lock, we only hire individuals with discipline and a strong work ethic.

Why Choose Pop-A-Lock?

When it comes down to it, there is no single trait of a great locksmith. Rather, it is the combination of several important personality traits that makes an individual an excellent locksmith. Becoming a locksmith requires a strong work ethic, patience, and above all, empathy. Having a passion for helping others is at the very core of being a locksmith, and at the core of our company values. Your safety is our number one priority which is why we only hire highly qualified, friendly, and caring professionals. Whether you need help getting into your home, need to duplicate a car key, or want to install new locks for your office space, your local Pop-A-Lock is here to help!