Smart keys use radio-frequency identification, or RFID, to communicate with your car. The key contains a chip with an encrypted code that only your car is programmed to recognize. The antenna on your car reads the signal from this chip when it is within range, allowing you to unlock your car and start your engine.

Smart keys are becoming increasingly common as they are much more convenient, have added security and safety benefits, and can save you money in the long run. Smart keys are a luxury when compared with traditional car keys. After reading over these benefits, it’s a safe bet that you’ll never want to use traditional car keys again.

The Most Convenient Kind of Key

Smart keys offer several features that are far more convenient than a traditional key. This includes automatic setting adjustments, easy unlocking, and the ability to drive as long as your key is within range. 

With most push-to-start cars, all you have to do in order to unlock your car is touch your hand to the door handle. Some cars even unlock automatically when the key is detected within a certain range.

Many smart keys can automatically adjust to your settings based on which key is in range. This is very convenient when there are multiple drivers for the same vehicle. The vehicle will adjust the seat and mirror positions to match the detected key. It can also pre-set the climate control and radio settings.

Some cars even allow speed restrictions to be set when used with a specific key, which is ideal for teenagers who are just learning to drive.

Also, if a smart key gets lost during a ride, you can still drive your vehicle as long as the key is within range. If the car starts, you won’t have to worry that the key is lost. You’ll know for certain it has been misplaced somewhere inside the vehicle.

If this happens to you, just be sure to search for the key once you arrive at your destination so you can lock the car. The last thing you want is to leave the key inside where a carjacker could easily enter your vehicle and drive away.

Smart Key Security

Your smart key can also protect your belongings – the system automates the car locking process and greatly reduces the likelihood of your car getting stolen.

Most smart keys will automatically lock your doors once you exit the vehicle. If you’re often forgetting to lock your doors, your smart key will do the hard work for you. 

Since the RFID signal sent between your vehicle and your key fob is unique to your car’s sensor, it’s incredibly difficult to steal a car equipped with a smart key. Even if a thief manages to break into your car and attempts to hotwire it, the engine will not start without the encrypted code from your key.

Safety with Smart Keys

In addition to keeping your car secure, smart keys can also keep you safe by preventing your encounters with criminals.

If you’re in an unfamiliar area, or a place with a high crime rate, you don’t want to spend time stuck outside of your car. If a criminal sees you fumbling with your keys, they may take it as an opportunity to steal your purse, backpack, or wallet. With a smart key, you can quickly get into your car as long as your keys are within range. 

Because the smart key operates by sending a signal to your antenna, it is impossible to lock yourself out. This saves you the risk of getting stranded in an unsafe area, or on a busy street outside of your car.

Save the Hassle that Comes with the Ignition

Traditional keys can be heavy, especially if you keep your keychain full. Over time, this weighs down on the ignition. Ignition wiring is also typically heavier, whereas push-to-start wiring is thinner and lighter.

With traditional car keys, you run the risk of your keys getting sticky and even breaking off in your ignition. Even if your keys don’t get stuck, the ignition could simply not work over time as the unique etching on your keys wears down.

A smart key operates by battery and will warn you well in advance when the battery is low. If the smart key battery is low but not dead, the car will still operate. When the time comes to replace the battery, it is a very simple process. You can open most smart keys without any tools and quickly pop in a new battery which only costs a few bucks.

While we can’t speak for all locksmiths, Pop-A-Lock can duplicate and program virtually any smart key. This saves you a ton of money from the expensive key replacements of a car dealership. A smart key will also save you the risk of needing to replace your whole ignition. Coupled with the fact that you cannot lock your smart key inside your car, you’ll be saving money.

Smart Keys are a Luxury

Arguably the best benefit of smart keys is the luxury aspect. Though some cars still come with traditional keys, smart keys are becoming the norm and the average car owner prefers a smart key. They are far more convenient than a traditional car key, and the ability to start your car with the click of a button is too cool to miss out on.

Overall, smart keys have many benefits that outweigh traditional car keys. They’re convenient, help keep you and your belongings safe, and require little maintenance. They’re a luxury item that any car owner would be lucky to have.

Looking to duplicate your car’s smart key? Your local Pop-A-Lock is here to help!