Wall full of keys hanging on hooks.

Back to Basics

Our keychains do so much for us but after a while, they can easily get out of control. From bulky car keys to store memberships, it can be tricky to identify the right key with so much clutter. Let us help you organize and minimize your keychain to help lighten the load weighing down your purse or pants. Follow our step-by-step guide and be on your way to a sleek and organized keychain!

Three keys on a keyring on a white background.

Sort Your Keys

It might seem like an obvious first step, but it’s obvious for a reason. Organizing your keys is the perfect starting point to understanding what is essential and what isn’t. First, take all of your keys off of your existing keychain and immediate set aside items that are not keys. Including, but not limited to, souvenir keychains, duplicate keys, or keys that you no longer use. Next, sort your keys into piles based on their function such as house keys, car keys, or office keys. Doing this will allow you to have a sense of which keys you have more of and which keys can be grouped together. There will be more on that later. Finally, in each function group, organize your keys by their frequency of use. We recommend categorizing them into daily, weekly, infrequent, and rarely or never groups to establish which keys should be carried around with you or locked away in storage.

A hand with a keyring around the index finger.

Get Crafty!

Your lifestyle is unique, so is your optimal key organization method. Whether you’re a fan of color coding or are a home decor fanatic, we’ve got some ideas for you to perfect the method to your madness.

Color Coding

Starting off with a tried and tested technique – color coding. This simple and visually appealing strategy will help you recall which keys serve which purpose just by looking at them. All it takes is visiting your local hardware store or searching Amazon to find key caps or covers in colors you like.


Our next tip is for label lovers! Labels, like color coding, serve as an excellent way to organize your keys in a more specific way than just using color coding. This step is completely personalizable and guarantees you will never mistake one key for another again.

Home Decor Solutions

Finally, there are several home decor options for organizing your keys such as key hooks and catch-alls. These are perfect additions to any entry way as there are so many styles to choose from and make forgetting your keys a difficult task.

A yellow key, turquoise key, and purple key lying on a white background.

Store Your Keys

To keep your keys sorted and secure while you’re on the go, here are our suggestions for the ideal ways to store your keys. For those keys you use less frequently or only in a specific location, we suggest finding secure storage to keep your keys protected. For example, put them away in the glove compartment of your car, in a safe, or even in a hidden drawer to make sure you control who knows about your keys. As for the essential keys you use everyday, keychains are not your only option. From the nifty, noise-minimizing Keybar to a convenient key wallet, there are infinite options to choose from.