Unfortunately, those with disabilities face challenges every day that able-bodied individuals do not always consider. As a society, we are working towards making life more accessible to those who need accommodations, and part of this includes making buildings easier to enter, exit or to get around in.

When looking to ensure your facility is inclusive, a great method is conducting an accessibility audit. These audits show how well the space is meeting requirements for those with disabilities. Accessibility audits are a formal and methodological way for a professional to check your current compliance, and will allow the professional to make recommendations specifically for your property.

Recently, there has been a strong push in areas such as Canada for more equality, as nationally set standards for Accessibility have risen in a variety of sectors. Currently categories being addressed for those with disabilities include:

  • Information and Communication
  • Employment
  • Transportation
  • Design of Public Spaces
  • Customer Service

Locksmithing Companies And Accessibility

In terms of locksmithing companies, accessibility concerns can be addressed in the design of public spaces. By working to identify gaps in the requirements of businesses and public spaces, we can help make these areas more accessible for those with disabilities. Areas that locksmithing companies such as Pop-A-Lock can help with include the installation and maintenance of:

  • Levers
  • Latches
  • Electric strikes
  • Door operators and closers
  • Thresholds
  • Locks
  • Exit hardware

Conducting An Accessibility Audit

When public spaces and companies implement tools and hardware like those mentioned above, their buildings become more accessible to those with disabilities. Companies such as Pop-A-Lock provide accessibility audits (in select locations) designed to help businesses and public spaces know where their facility is lacking or could improve. These audits are very important, as they closely examine the property and provide valuable insight on aspects the organization may have missed. Missing certain things from the audit may be a crucial mistake, leading to fines and human rights violations on behalf of the organization.

When it comes to conducting an accessibility audit, it’s best to have an experienced professional inspect the property. If you try and do it yourself, you may miss something that you’re unaware of, which will affect your organization and those with disabilities trying to enter the facility.

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