How To Save Money On Automotive Key Duplication Services

While there’s never a “good” time to lose your car keys, it always seems like they get lost at the most inconvenient time possible. This often leads to extreme stress and frustration for countless people across the country every day. 

As anyone who has had to replace a car key before knows, it can be a time consuming and expensive ordeal if you have them replaced at the dealership. Fortunately, there are faster and cheaper options available to you, such as using a locksmith – specifically, Pop-A-Lock – for key duplication. If you have a duplicate key, it’s not as big of a nuisance if you lose one. 

 Want to know more? Here are four reasons why you should hire a locksmith for a duplicate key instead of going to a dealership: 

  1.   Quick Response Time. A locksmith specializes in key replacement. They’ll be ready to help you right away because that’s what they do for a living! A dealership, on the other hand, is more focused on car sales. Dealerships don’t deal with key replacements as regularly as a locksmith does, and they don’t typically have an efficient process in place to make duplicate keys like a locksmith does. Many locksmiths offer emergency services 24/7, so you can get the key you need no matter what time of day it is.
  2.   Convenience. A locksmith will come to wherever you are and help get you back on the road, whereas dealerships typically do not offer this convenient service. This is a plus, as in a case where you are locked out of your vehicle, you won’t be able to drive to a dealership.
  3.   Help with Other Lock and Key Issues. A lost car key is just one example of the many issues a locksmith can help with. Another common problem is when a physical key gets stuck in the ignition. Instead of paying a mechanic to fix it, a locksmith can remove the key for a much lower price. Another common problem we encounter is when the ignition is damaged or has worn out, however a locksmith is usually able to repair the ignition switch on site. Locksmiths are experts in car keys and locks, affordably and promptly helping you with a range of issues related to accessing and starting your vehicle.
  4.   Quality Matches the Dealership. Locksmiths can duplicate 99% of all car keys on the market. Car dealerships will say that you have to go to a dealer to get a duplicate car key because they want you to go through them. There are a very small percentage of late model car keys that a locksmith cannot duplicate only because the carmaker has not released the key codes to locksmiths yet. 

Pop-A-Lock can duplicate virtually every make and model of key – and for a far lower price than what the dealership will charge. Our highly skilled Pop-A-Lock technicians can meet you wherever you and your car are,  creating your smart key on the spot. All technicians are trained to perform programming of transponder, VAT, and smart keys for all vehicle makes and models. The work we do will be very high quality – guaranteed every time.

Replacing Modern Car Keys

Why are car keys so expensive these days? The main reason is that vehicle security has become more sophisticated over the last few decades. Most newer vehicles are equipped with transponders, (a type of anti-theft system), and keys use an electronic fob, which is essentially a remote control. To program these types of key/fobs, locksmiths need proper training and equipment. 

Replacing a newer, high-tech transponder key is not as easy as getting a new key cut to match your ignition. This needs to be performed by a trained technician to ensure the key will start your car and function properly. Not only is Pop-A-Lock much cheaper than a dealership, we’re much quicker as well. Pop-A-Lock can assist with the following key duplication services: 

  • Key replacements
  • Keyless remotes
  • VATS keys
  • Laser cut keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Dealer chip keys programmed on-site
  • Remote programming
  • Electronic keys

Lost Your Car Keys? Call Pop-A-Lock For Help

We’re available 24/7, so call Pop-A-Lock whenever and wherever you need us, and our technician will promptly arrive on the scene to help! If you need a duplicate key, all you have to do is contact a Pop-A-Lock near you and provide the following information:

  • The type of keys that have been lost
  • Make and model of your vehicle
  • VIN#
  • Personal identification

After you’ve placed your call, a skilled Pop-A-Lock technician will come to where you are and duplicate your key on site. This way, you will not have to pay for towing. If you have AAA or roadside assistance through your car insurance, you may have benefits that will pay a percentage of the key duplication cost. Lastly, Pop-A-Lock will provide a similar warranty that you would get from a dealership.

Don’t overpay for key duplication, and say “no thanks” to the time and hassle that comes with getting a new key from the dealership. Instead, contact your local Pop-A-Lock to get a trained technician to save you time and money, getting you back out on the road fast!