How can electronic locks keep my home or business safe?

Smart home devices can curate your grocery list, tell you the temperature, translate phrases from English to Spanish and back again, and even deliver witty comebacks to your queries. 

Now, you can open your door on command (from anywhere) if you have a smart lock installed. With smart locks, the intelligent home and workplace that so many wish existed are another step closer to reality.

What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a conventional deadbolt lock overlaid with a cryptographic key. Smart locks contain technology that locks and unlocks a door when instructed to do so by an authorized wireless device. It can be opened with your smartphone by installing a mobile app, or it can use a special key fob, like your car. The more sophisticated smart locks can also interface with your smart speaker, like Google Home, Alexa, and others. The cryptographic key uses wireless technology to authenticate the user and can also monitor access to your home  while monitoring  other critical events. Some smart locks even come with a camera.

Why Should You Install a Smart Lock?

One of the most convenient features of smart locks is the ability to create a virtual key that can be sent to the recipient via SMS or email. The virtual key will allow them access to your home or business, but it is ephemeral; it will only work for an allotted time period that the owner specifies.

This is a significant benefit for homeowners and business. No more leaving keys under the mat, or having to keep track of how many keys you have and who has them.

Even better, no more racing back to the office or your house to let in a guest, service technician, dog walker, or anyone else you’d like to allow in. You can do everything remotely, and you have a record of every entry and exit with a timestamp that you can reference later. You can also make multiple virtual keys for several people at once, a real benefit for when you go on vacation.

Many smart lock apps can even be used to check if you locked the doors when leaving the house,  from miles away while you tackle your workday. 

The main benefits of smart locks are:

  • Smart locks increase your ability to grant secure access to your home or business to third parties. The cryptographic authentication process is more secure than having random keys in places you cannot monitor or control.
  • Smart locks create a record of all entries and exits to your home or business. If the property is vandalized or things are stolen, you can see which authentication codes were used to grant entry.
  • The smartphone/smart lock web interface allows for many possibilities. Not only can you unlock doors, but with new technology you can also turn on the lights, set the temperature, and other functions by integrating the separate systems.
  • The ability to monitor your home remotely is enhanced with smart lock technology and other features such as cameras at the front door. Interfacing with your security system through the smart lock app. These are enormous benefits for security-minded homeowners and business owners.

Wi-fi driven technology is creating a revolution in home and business premise security, and smart locks are at the center of it. Your business or home door lock can used to be to keep people out on a basic level, but it does so indiscriminately. Now you can use smart locks to simplify your day through remote technology that allows you to grant access from miles away when necessary. 

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