Common Lock Types

Whether your needs are residential, commercial, or automotive, having the proper type of lock is  necessary for maintaining the security of yourself, your family, and your belongings. One factor that people often struggle with is determining which lock is right for their specific needs.

Many different types of locks are available for a wide assortment of purposes.  We know trying to choose the right lock can be overwhelming. However, don’t stress. You can get answers to all your lock questions when you work with the professional locksmiths at Pop-A-Lock.

Types of Locks

Some of the most common kinds of locks used include:

  • Padlocks — A padlock is a detachable type of lock installed on your door. It is usually composed of three components: a body, a shackle, and some kind of locking mechanism to keep the door securely shut.  The locking mechanism of padlocks may be integrated or modular. These locks commonly are used to lock things together, but they can act as a security device on certain types of containers or doors.
  • Deadbolt locks — Generally installed on external doors, a deadbolt lock can only be opened through the rotation of a key. This kind of lock is more complex, providing more security as the single cylinder deadlock allows a key on only one side.   The other side, normally interior-facing, is solely operated by a twist knob. , These locks can also feature a double cylinder. The double cylinder lock allows keys on both sides without a twist knob
  • Doorknob — It’s important to note that not all doorknobs  have a locking function, but many do have locking mechanisms built in. The lock on a doorknob is often seen in the form of a small button or lever on the handle of the doorknob.
  • Lever handle locks — Lever handle locks are seen on the handles of doors. There are three different grades of security. Typically, Grades 1 and 2 are used for commercial applications  and Grade 3 is for residential use.
  • Electronic door locks/Smart locks — A smart lock is a newer type of lock. These locks are electronic, and use either Bluetooth, WiFi or Z-Wave communication to interact with other electronic devices in your home. You may use an app on your phone or a fob, but  some electronic door locks feature touchscreens or keypads for access.
  • Passage Sets — A passage set is a hardware set which allows the functioning of a bolt into a door strike but not that ability to lock the mechanism. For this reason, passage sets are more common in areas not requiring security or privacy.
  • Mortise locks — Commonly used in commercial construction, a mortise lock consists of a lock chassis, two levers, and a mortise cylinder. These locks are more expensive but can also last much longer than other kinds of locks.

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When you are  facing any kind of lock issue at your home or business, it’s important to always get  the professional opinion of a trusted locksmith. When you contact your local Pop-A-Lock , you know you will always be provided with the help of one of the most trusted locksmith companies in the nation.

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