According to The US Department of Justice, 1.03 million home invasions occur each year. And the average loss of a home invasion is approximately $2,000 per home.

These statistics can be alarming. Nobody wants to be the next victim of a home invasion. Don’t worry! The more aware you are of the risks, and the more proactive you are in protecting yourself and your home, the lower your chances of a home invasion.

Ensure All Entryways Are Secured With Locks

The best way to prevent a home invasion is by enhancing security. Installing the right locks, in the right places, can go a long way. It’s shocking how many burglars (40%) enter a home through an unlocked door or window.

First and foremost, make sure every door in your home has a durable lock on it. High-quality deadbolts are solid metal (not hollow) with a throw (the distance which a lock bolt travels when turned) at least 1.5 inches long. If you want to go a step further, there are a variety of smart locks available today. These locks can allow remote access, have more controlled access through codes or phone apps, and can even have built-in cameras to increase security.

In addition to all doors, it’s imperative to make sure every window in your home has a lock on it as well. A window at any level – from basement to upper stories – is a potential entry way for thieves lurking around your property. If your windows are newer, they should come with locks on them. Check that every window is locked every night before bed or before you leave your home. If your windows are wooden or older, they may not have come with locks. If this is the case, you can easily buy bars or deadbolts to install on any window.

The last piece of advice we can give you regarding locks  is do NOT leave any spare keys hidden outside. This probably seems obvious and you’ve heard it time and time again. And yet, people continue to do it. If you need to leave a spare key outside of your home for any reason, put it in a secure lock box or something similar.

Additional Tips From Locksmith Professionals

There are other things – beyond locks and keys – that you can do around your house or property to increase security and lower the risk of home invasion. Some of them include:

  • Keep your house lit, inside and out. Install outdoor lights (preferably motion-activated) near all doors and garages. Put indoor lights on varied timers, so they turn on and off even if you’re asleep or not home. Having these systems in place can make it look like someone is home and deter thieves from targeting your property.
  • Use radio and TV. The same idea applies here – if someone is roaming your property and they hear a TV or radio on inside, they’re more likely to think someone is home and awake. This will lower the risk of a home invasion.
  • Install a smart doorbell or security camera. Many smart doorbells have cameras built in that allow you to monitor your front porch and yard. Having some sort of camera system in place can let you check in on your house from afar and alert you if someone is on your property.
  • If it’s been a while since you rekeyed your home (or you never did when you first moved in), it may be time to consider doing so. Between  babysitters, contractors, cleaners, children, past relationships, and more, the number of keys to your house roaming the world can quickly rack up. Rekeying your house is a simple and painless way to ensure only those who needs keys to your house have them.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of security you have in place if you don’t use it. Lock your doors, turn on the alarm system, make sure the timers on the lamps are set and ready to come on at  various times.


The thought of a home invasion happening to you is frightening. But the reality is a lot of them  are preventable! If you take steps to increase security and protect your home appropriately, you’ll lower your risk of being the next victim.

Call your local Pop-A-Lock today to learn more from our trusted locksmith professionals about what you can do to protect your home! We also have a home security audit checklist you can download for free.