The condition of your locks is probably something that rarely crosses your mind, but rekeying your locks is a practice that can significantly improve the security of your home. Key locks provide security for our families and possessions and give us peace of mind, but if we don’t rekey our locks occasionally, the level of protection they provide can diminish.

The Difference Between Changing Locks and Rekeying Locks

Changing locks is pretty self-explanatory: it means you replace the old locks with new ones. For example, you may change your locks if you want to upgrade to an electric lock system, or if you want them to better match the new paint colors or finishes in your home. Rekeying locks is different. When you rekey a lock, you adjust it so that it no longer works with the current set of keys. Once a lock is rekeyed, the keys you  had for it will not be able to open it.

Lock mechanisms contain key pins that correspond to the keys that open a specific lock. When you rekey a lock, you adjust the workings of the key pins so that a new key is needed to open the lock. A locksmith will need the current key in order to rekey a lock. This practice will  improve the security of your home, especially if pins are added.

When To Rekey Your Locks

The following are common reasons to rekey your locks:

  1. Moving Into a New Home: If you buy a home that someone else has previously lived in, it’s a great idea to rekey the locks. You want to be certain that only  people you know and trust have access to your new home. Rekeying locks on a previously owned home helps you ensure that only you and your family members have the keys that can grant access to your home.
  2. Changing Older Locks: If you’ve lived in your home for a while, or if you’ve recently bought an older home, rekeying your locks is a great way to improve security. Lock mechanisms can get dirty and worn down over time, which  leaves them vulnerable to break-ins. Rekeying older locks is a great way to decrease the chances of successful tampering.
  3. You’ve Lost Your Keys: If you’ve lost your keys, rekeying your locks is paramount to the continued safety of your home. There is no  reason to risk a stranger using your keys to enter your home, especially if your keyring had any access or address information on it. Getting rekeyed locks and new keys is the best way to ensure that you and your family remain secure in this situation.

If you have questions about changing locks, rekeying locks, or need assistance determining which option is right for your situation, an experienced Pop-A-Lock locksmith can assist you. Our trained and certified technicians have extensive experience with both replacement and rekeying of locks, and quality work is our priority. Visit the Pop-A-Lock website to find our location nearest you.