Twenty years ago, the average Locksmith was 42 years of age. Today the average age is 62. The independent locksmith profession is going out of business except for Pop-A-Lock. Pop-A-Lock is taking dominance and control of the growing demand in the advancement of modern Commercial, Automotive and Residential sectors. Pop-A-Lock now trains more High Tech and Traditional security professionals than the whole industry combined. Today, “Biometrics”, “Credentials” and “Access Control” are part of “Locksmith” services!

“Needs Based” and Consistent; Pop-A-Lock serves millions of business and consumer customers per year. Pop-A-Lock provides Franchisees and their employees with industry leading support.

Every customer equals three customers, with their vehicles, homes, and businesses. All three have “controlled entry”, “credentials” and securing needs.

Pop-A-Lock customers are demanding expanded coverage for National and Regional Account opportunities such as ADT, Park ‘n Fly, NSD, Enterprise Leasing, Towne Parking (other Parking Entities), McDonalds, Membership Clubs, DH Pace, National Service Bureaus, Major Construction Entities, Major Military Entities (Pearl Harbor, etc.), Municipalities, Major Facilities Management, Hertz, and others. Our Franchisees are “brand name” business builders.

The lucrative Pop-A-Lock model works for mid-to-large size population service area opportunities, on up to millions in population, and works for both owner/operators or for investors/owner executives who are creating true wealth!

We offer you a proven formula for your franchise success – a number of Sustainable Strategic Competitive Advantages. It all adds up to an effective and easy to duplicate business model.

We invite you to call, toll free, 877-233-6211, ext. 233, or email,, our Franchise Development team, as you consider starting your own successful security franchise and becoming part of the Pop-A-Lock team.

Michael Kleimeyer, Director