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My key has a computer chip in it. Is a dealer my only option to get a key made?

No, thanks to a lot of hard work, research and development, a locksmith who is trained and has the proper tools can produce a key to almost any vehicle. Pop-A-Lock has partnered with world class vendors to stay up to date on the latest and best technology available to create your key.

I have just moved into a new house. Is it necessary to change all my door hardware so that no former resident has a key to my door?

No. A legitimate locksmith will be able to rekey your locks so that only new keys will work but old keys won’t. Additionally, Pop-A-Lock can provide you with a security survey of your home or business to help you identify possible security problems.

I have a key stamped “Do Not Duplicate.” Is this more secure than a regular key?

No. “Do Not Duplicate” or “DND” or similar messages stamped onto a key do not make much difference to key cutters, as most will still make a copy of the key. For added security to prevent duplication of the key, you will need a restricted or proprietary key. Duplication of the key then requires a specialty blank. Many restricted keys can still be cut due to advances in 3D printing, so having an electronic component on the key gives additional protection. Pop-A-Lock can help provide options to best suit your needs.

Should I bother with heavy duty locks? Can’t someone get in just by kicking in the door or breaking a window?

No lock, security system, or key will provide perfect security. However, security can be applied in robust and redundant layers for increased reinforcement. A Pop-A-Lock locksmith can visit your home or business to conduct a security audit to help identify weaknesses and provide practical solutions to enhance your security and safety.

Do you really open car doors for free if a child, pet, or disabled person is locked in a vehicle? Why would you do that?

In short, Pop-A-Lock was started by Law Enforcement Officers, and when the Pop-A-Lock business was started, they made it a requirement in the franchise agreement that franchisee locations offer this important service at no cost. The broader and more personal reason is that it offers a way for our franchisees to give back to the community. We are well staffed and geographically located to respond quickly and augment the response of first responders so that they are available to respond to other emergencies that may arise.

Why is it recommended that I rekey all the locks when I purchase a brand new home?

You should immediately rekey all locks to your new home because when it was being built, it is likely that the builder or contractors had access to the home. Rekeying all the locks ensures that you are the only one with access to your new home.

What is lock bumping?

Lock bumping is a method of lock picking in which a key fitting for a specific lock is shaved down, placed inside the lock, then the key is hit with an outside force. This enables a person to open the door as if they had a real key and get inside your home.

What does a mobile locksmith do?

A mobile locksmith drives a van equipped with the most common lock hardware for automotive, residential, and commercial locks, so that locksmith services can be provided on location. Pop-A-Lock mobile locksmiths are trained professionals who can unlock cars, pick residential and commercial grade locks, install and repair door hardware, set up keying systems, and originate lost keys for houses, cars, motorcycles, and more.

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