Savvy criminals have upped their game on ways to break into homes and businesses when the owners are away.  There are many ways that they use these days to “case” places that are easy to burglarize.  These tips will help to keep you more safe and secure and give criminals a deterrent.

  • Leave lights on a timer.  If lights are on continuously or off there is more of a sign that the owners are absent.
  • Leave a car or vehicle parked on the premises in the drive.
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery
  • Keep your social media private.  If you are publicizing to the world you are in Jamaica on a beach, criminals know that you are not at home.
  • This may seem obvious, but don’t leave spare keys around the property while you are away.  You may think they are hidden but criminals always know where to look.
  • Turn your old smart phones into a security system for your home. All you need is a device capable of taking a picture, connecting to the Internet and running apps.
  • There are several new awesome apps that help with monitoring your home. When someone rings the door bell, you’ll get an alert on your phone. By using the smart-phone app, you can see who’s there via a built-in camera and talk to them over your phone and through a speaker and microphone.
  • You can also send virtual keys over your phone that have an expiration date.  They can work for one day or a few hours and then won’t work again.  This keeps you from having to hand out keys or give security codes to contractors.

Utilizing some of these safety measures can help keep your home or business safe. For a security and lock safety check, call a BBB A+ rated, top locksmith in Indianapolis today.