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Commercial Biometric Systems


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Commercial Biometric Systems

Does your business have assets or important data that require a high-end, personalized security system? A biometric system may be the solution you’re looking for.

Rather than a badge or key, these systems require a thumbprint, retina scan, or something along those lines. These authorizations will be completely personal to the user, since they are unique to each individual. This means – unlike with badges or keys – entry to the building cannot be shared. The person entering the building is the exact person who has been granted access.

These systems are meant to provide the highest level of security on the market. Though they are similar to systems that use key cards or fobs, such as most electronic access control systems, the difference is that there is no risk of a user’s authorization getting stolen or misplaced. It is still possible, however, to allow multiple users to use the system by entering their information into the database in the same way you would with an EAC system.

Possible identification using a biometric system:

  • Retinal scan
  • Iris scan
  • Fingerprint
  • Hand print
  • Facial recognition
  • Voice recognition

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What is a biometric security system?

In essence, a biometric security system is one that can identify an individual based on biological traits (such as a fingerprint or retinal scan). These traits are highly specific to each user, therefore extremely difficult to copy or reproduce. This gives the highest level of security to your business and anything you have inside of the building or secured area.

Is this system more convenient for me or my employees?

Though it may seem complicated, biometric security systems have actually been found to provide a higher level of convenience to users than other access control systems. This is due to the fact that users do not have to worry about having a physical access key, or remembering multiple PIN numbers or passwords.

How does biometric security compare to other high-tech systems in terms of price?

It’s no secret that biometric systems are the most advanced on the market, making the price point for investment quite a bit higher than the usual electronic access control system. However, this price comes with a promise of less risk and higher security for your business.

Are there any disadvantages to these systems for businesses?

As with any security system, biometric security is not immune to drawbacks. Biometric authentication makes it virtually impossible to validate access remotely if a problem were to arise and nobody was at your place of business. There is also the issue of software malfunction or flaws that is present with any electronic system.

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