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Commercial High Security/Key Control Systems


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Commercial High Security/Key Control Items

High security and key controls systems are the ideal way for businesses to ensure that only authorized employees and personnel are able to access restricted areas in your office. Key control strategies include keeping track of who has a key and when it is used, not to mention ensuring that keys are not copied and given to unauthorized individuals.

Why Pop-A-Lock®?

  • Every locksmith has been background checked, is licensed and insured where applicable, and has been through extensive training.
  • We’re highly professional
  • We’re transparent on pricing from the beginning. We never change a quote without a full explanation and approval.


Pricing of high-security lock systems varies depending on the hardware and level of the system.

When you call, we will give you an estimated arrival time and price quote. These things will not change unless you are told ahead of time. At Pop-A-Lock, we aim to be transparent. Customer convenience and satisfaction are our priorities.

Keeping your place of business and the assets within the office space is of utmost importance, no matter your line of work. Pop-A-Lock’s expert technicians have the knowledge and expertise to recommend and install the system that will be the best fit for your business.

Do I Need High Security or Key Control?

There are a number of reasons why a business would want to provide the highest quality and level of security in the workplace:

  1. Your business just relocated to a new building
  2. Someone broke into your office recently and you do not want this to occur again
  3. There have been other issues with people taking advantage of your business’ security system to gain access to areas they should not be in
  4. Your existing security system is outdated, losing functionality, or does not provide enough security for your business
  5. You simply want a greater sense of peace of mind that your workplace is secure and safe
  6. There are large, expensive, or important assets within your business that must remain secure at all times


Is there a difference between Key Control Systems and Key Management Systems?

Yes! Key Control Systems are the physical hardware and software that aids a company in keeping track of their office space or building. Key Management Systems, on the other hand, are policies and procedures put in place for employees and executives of a company to follow in order to keep the space safe for people and business assets. Though Pop-A-Lock specializes in Key Control Systems, the policies and procedures you choose to put into action can change depending on your Key Control System.

What are the basic components of a Key Control System?

Generally, key control systems contain the following:

  • Key storage cabinet: This is a secure location where all key cards or fobs will be kept (with the exception of upper level employees who are entrusted with higher levels of access). This cabinet is often computerized and has security features of its own.
  • Key locking mechanism: These are the individual locks or scanners that will grant or refuse to grant access when prompted with a key card, fob, or PIN.
  • Tracking system: The tracking system is the hub where all of the information (including access times and who accessed what) can be seen. It is the central part of the system as all of the information on authorization is also housed here.

Can these systems be integrated with others for higher security?

Definitely. Systems like these can be integrated with access control systems, which can alert management as to who has accessed what area of the building, as well as refuse to let an individual exit the building until a key they have in their possession is returned.

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