Why Your Company Needs a Secure Business Mailbox


Owning a business is a huge accomplishment and source of pride. Your important documents, delivery orders, and payslips deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity. To protect your company’s mail from damage or criminal activity, consider investing in a secure business mailbox — an important step in propelling your company’s success.

Post Office Box vs. Business Mailbox

Both store business-related mail securely, but the technical differences between PO boxes and business mailboxes — and what both convey to customers and clients —are of utmost importance to your business. 

Simply put, PO boxes are locked storage containers for your mail, located at your local post office. Though they can store all business-related mail and packages, PO boxes are not owned by the business itself. Business mailboxes, on the other hand, are operated by private companies, and have the prestige of a physical street address, usually located in a city’s business core. These mailboxes still receive mail from traditional mail services but they’re operations are under the sole control of the private business. 

In even scanning the definitions of these two types of mailboxes, it’s apparent that business mailboxes lend a company an  air of professionalism, while PO boxes seem trite in comparison. These impressions might be superficial — a thriving company can certainly use a PO box for all mail — but appearances matter when trying to grow your business base. When choosing between a PO box or business mailbox, business leaders need to closely consider the differences between the two:

  • Professionalism: When reviewing a company’s contact information, both clients and customers are likely to hesitate at the mention of a PO box, wondering “is this company legit?” PO boxes aren’t permanent fixtures directly tied to a company, which could signal to customers that your business is either struggling or poorly-run. This could be far from the truth, but no business can escape this impression. The same goes for home addresses. Customers are often wary of addresses ending in “Lane,” “Courtyard,” and “Place,” since these streets are almost always associated with residential areas. To many, running a business from a home doesn’t seem as real. A business mailbox, however, has its own street addresses and is controlled by your company directly, serving as a testament to the business’ success. Even if your company is virtual or spread-out, having a private, physical mailbox can help you maintain a local presence. 
  • Security: Business mailboxes hold all mail, packages, and products in a lock secured unit until the company retrieves it. Here, mail is kept safe from the elements and potential meddling. Only authorized account holders can remove mail from business mailboxes. This is far more secure than home mailboxes, where nearly anyone can access your mail, or even the post office, where mail is more likely to go missing or over-stuff your PO box. 
  • Privacy: When operating a business from a home address, privacy is a huge concern. For once, since your information is public, anyone could show up at your residence or tamper with your mail. Both business mailboxes and PO boxes help preserve your privacy, though only business mailboxes can offer companies the best in protection. Due to its direct address, the mail destined for business mailboxes is kept separate from other correspondence, preventing the mix-ups common at most post offices.
  • Cost and Convenience: Although business mailboxes are more expensive than PO boxes up-front, they’re significantly more convenient. Most mailbox service facilities offer 24/7 access, meaning that account holders can pick up the mail whenever necessary. Even if you travel frequently, mailbox services can sign for special deliveries and notify you when mail arrives. This is a big step up from having to worry about being home to sign for packages, or rushing to the post office and waiting ages to pick up your mail.

What Level of Security Is Right?

As with any business decision, choosing between a PO box and business mailbox depends entirely on your company’s needs. If your business is growing and needs to remain competitive, a business mailbox with it’s very own address is probably  what you need to seem successful while allowing you to meet your customer’s demands. On the other hand, if your company is a start-up or a virtual business without a central office location, a PO box might be your best bet, keeping your mail secure until your business gains its footing.  


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