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Commercial Lock Replacement Services from Pop-A-Lock Locksmith in Grand Rapids, MI, and Surrounding Areas

Learn more about how our commercial lock replacement services can help keep your commercial building secure in Grand Rapids, MI

Commercial building locks break or become worn over time, causing them to stop functioning properly. When commercial locks malfunction, it puts a business at risk and can leave employees locked out of the building. The last thing you want is to have your workers stranded in the parking lot. Our professional commercial lock replacement services will assist with your commercial lock repair and replacement needs. We can work on any building or office suite in Grand Rapids, MI.

When to Replace Commercial Locks

There are situations when lock replacement is the appropriate solution, such as:

Worn Locks

Commercial locks are often exposed to the elements. Over time, moisture can cause rusting. In older buildings, lock mechanisms are often overworked or worn out. Locks may become rusted out or stop working entirely. When this happens, your business security and access are put at risk. Our commercial locksmiths can help diagnose the problem and determine if lock replacement is the right choice for you.

Lost Keys

If keys are lost by you or employees, our lock replacement services can repair or replace your locks on-site. We will repair or replace all of the locks in the building and provide you with new keys if needed.

Broken Keys

Keys can easily break or get stuck inside of locks. Cold weather can cause locks to freeze, making it easier for keys to get stuck or even break. Keys can wear on their own over time or break naturally as they become weaker and more brittle.

If your commercial locks need servicing or replacement, call Pop-A-Lock Locksmith of Grand Rapids, MI today at (616) 319-2270. Our commercial lock replacement services are fast and affordable. 

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