At Pop-A-Lock El Paso we are committed to helping you better protect your property and family. That is why this week we have outlined the proper steps to Install a Deadbolt Correctly in your home. Deadbolts are the best cheap way to lockdown your property effectively. If the deadbolt is not installed correctly the lock is almost useless, so use these steps to install your lock correctly!

  1. Use The Template – Often when your buy a deadbolt they will come with a manufactures template of where to install the lock and the holes on your door. Make sure to use these tips to that your lock is install correctly.
  2. Cut a Hole for The Deadbolt – After you have drawn your point of reference with your template you can go ahead and make the holes for the deadbolt. Once the pilot bit comes through the other side of the door stop cutting. You will want to continue drilling from the other side so you get an even hole.
  3. Drill Edge of Door – Now comes the time that you need to use a 7/8 spade bit to drill a hole through the edge of the door for the bolt to go into.
  4. Mortise The Door – Now comes the time to chisel the wood to mortise the area around the faceplate so that it will be flush with the door. When using the chisel always keep the beveled side in towards the mortised area.
  5. Secure The Bolt to the Door – Now you can continue with the next step which is securing the bolt to the door. Make sure that the holes you have drilled work correctly and fit the lock parts. Pilot holes can be used to secure the bolt to the door with screws.
  6. Install the Thumb Lever and Cylinder – Make sure that you dry fit the cylinder and thumb plate before you install them so you know they fit correctly. Fit the exterior side onto the door firsthand then make sure its upright. Next install the interior piece in place and align the screws and holes. Fasten the deadbolt in place with the screws it came with.
  7. Secure Strike Plate – drill holes and secure the strike plate. Make sure to mark the end of the bolt with someone to leave a mark and close the door and close the lock. If you use marker or lipstick the lock will leave a mark on the door frame. Use this mark to drill the correct size hole into the doorframe.

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