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Pop-A-Lock Philadelphia Offers Lock Change Service and Other Residential Locksmith Services in Philadelphia, PA, and Surrounding Areas

Learn more about our lock repair and lock change service we can provide to residential areas of Philadelphia, PA

Home security locks sometimes break or get worn out, causing them to stop working completely. When a lock stops working, it can cause you to be unable to lock your home to keep it safe or to be locked out of your home completely. Our team of professional locksmiths can help you with our lock change service when your locks stop working. We are able to work on any residential homes you need us too.

When to Replace a Lock

Choosing a lock change service is possible, and it’s a common solution when:

Locks are Worn

Locks being exposed to the weather and being older will cause rust to start to form on the lock. A residential lock may have difficulty opening, or the lock may stop opening completely if rust adds up. If you notice your lock isn’t unlocking properly for your home or that rust has formed on the lock, our residential locksmith services can help point out and most importantly fix the issue.

Broken or Stuck Key

Keys can break or get stuck inside of the lock. Colder weather can cause a lock to become frosted, leading to the key to become stuck in the lock or while turning the key, may break off in the lock. Keys can also wear on their own and break for a number of different situations. This is where our lock change service is needed.

Misplaced Keys

If you and your family members have misplaced all the keys, our team will be able to provide a lock change service. When we change the locks, we replace all of the home locks. We’ll replace the locks and provide you with new keys.

Residential lock change service can be done quickly and will help keep your home safe with a properly functioning lock system. If your resident lock can are no longer functioning properly or your keys are jammed, broken or lost, call us today at (215) 995-0023.

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