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Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Provides an ADA Compliance Consultation with Our Professional Locksmith Team in Philadelphia, PA and Surrounding Areas

Our professional locksmith team will help provide an ADA compliance consultation for your business in Philadelphia, PA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that businesses cannot discriminate against potential customers or clients with disabilities. The ADA does require that door handles and locks not cause a hindrance to persons with disabilities. All entryways must be ADA compliant with few exceptions.

How Our Professional Locksmith Team Can Help

Our professional locksmith team knows how entryways must be installed or adapted to meet ADA compliance. Compliance does include numerous components, including:

  • Height
  • Handle type
  • Grip
  • Door width

Your business should perform its own due diligence to ensure that the door is fully compliant. A professional locksmith can best understand ADA compliance and provide key recommendations on how your business can remain compliant.

Key areas of doorway compliance are:

  • Height: The handle height must be between 34” from the floor but no higher than 48” from the floor. You’ll need to measure from the floor to the handle and not the bottom of the door to the handle when checking the handle height.
  • Operation: Door handles and all respective hardware must be able to be operated with one hand. The door operator should not have to operate several mechanisms to open the door at one time.
  • Strength: Door weights should not exceed five pounds. If a door’s weight exceeds the recommended limit, it may be too difficult for someone with a disability to open the door properly.

ADA compliance requires that the door not have a twist handle to open, which is why many commercial buildings have a pull handle that requires no wrist movement to operate.

If your business does not meet compliance requirements, you can be fined, and further penalties may be applied. Our professional locksmith team can provide you with recommendations on the best hardware to install and ensure that the handle or hardware is installed at the right height.

Pop-A-Lock Locksmith is a leading professional locksmith provider in Philadelphia. We come fully equipped to repair, replace or install new door locks and handles. Call us today to discuss your entryway compliance with one of our professionals.

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