Minneapolis Metro North PAL Saves Kids

Pop-A-Lock of Minneapolis Metro North is seeking sponsors for our FREE Pal Saves Kids and Pets program in the Minneapolis Metro North area!


The purpose of this program is to promote awareness of the dangers of leaving children in locked cars. Pop-A-Lock opens car doors for FREE when there is a child (or pet) locked in a vehicle.
As a PalSavesKids Sponsor, we only ask you do three things:
1. Place the PalSavesKids Sponsor static cling sticker(s) on your front door or window, preferably in proximity to the door lock.
2. Place the number for Pop-A-Lock in an easy to find location near your phone. If a patron indicates that a child is locked in a vehicle, please call 911 and then call Pop-A-Lock or assist the patron to do so. (The mobile phone is often locked in the vehicle and is not accessible.)
3. Place the PalSavesKids logo code snippet on your website to show your support and spread awareness of your affiliation with this free community service.
Please fill out the Form below to become a Pal Saves Kids Sponsor: