Locksmith Services in Lexington, South Carolina

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If you need a fast, dependable, and affordable locksmith, look no further than Pop-A-Lock!

Our highly skilled locksmiths are completely mobile, open 24 hours a day, and capable of meeting all of your locksmith needs. We serve homes, cars, and businesses in and around the Lexington area, regardless of what day it is. We are a part of the largest and most trusted locksmith franchise in the country, so join the millions of people who have already been satisfied with our work and call today!

What makes us stand out among the competition is our quality service, great prices, customer service, and major convenience. As a mobile locksmith, we can and will come to your location promptly, whether you are at home, work, or running errands around Lexington. Nothing makes us happier than serving our neighbors who are in need, so you can expect the best customer service from us!

It’s important to us that you have somebody to rely on and trust when you are in need of a locksmith, so give us a call and find out for yourself why you can depend on us today! 


We’ve all been there before: going about your day when you suddenly realize you have locked your keys in your car. It’s an unfortunate situation that can put the whole day on hold and lead to further issues. Thankfully, you can rely on a mobile locksmith that can and will come to your location no matter where you are or what time it is.

Our locksmiths are trained and capable of unlocking your car, duplicating your key, opening your trunk, repairing your ignition, and more. All you have to do is call! You can trust us to arrive quickly and never charge you more than you were quoted over the phone. So what are you waiting for? Get back to going about your day and call Pop-A-Lock of Lexington now!


Emergency Lockout Specialists

Ignitions Repaired or Replaced

Lock Re-keying

Key Extraction

Motorcycle Keys

Trunk Openings

High Security, Laser-Cut Keys

Electronic & "Transponder" Keys

Key Duplication & Replacement 

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Being locked out of your car is one thing, but locking a loved one inside is an entirely different situation. At Pop-A-Lock, we hate the thought of a child or pet locked inside of a car on a hot summer day, so we provide emergency services that will aid you in your time of need.

The first thing you should do after you find out you have locked a loved one inside your car is call 911. Then, call Pop-A-Lock of Lexington. Our locksmiths will stop whatever they are doing and respond to your call immediately, opening your car free of charge. There is no need for senseless and preventable tragedy; if you find yourself in this awful situation, do not hesitate, just call Pop-A-Lock!


The residents of Lexington are warm, friendly people who deserve the best when it comes to protecting their homes. The first step to protecting any home are the locks on the doors. Locks are the first line of defense from intruders and outside influences that could mean you harm. This is why we take our jobs very seriously when it comes to protecting your home!

We provide deadbolts as well as high-security locks that you can rely upon to keep you safe. We also provide 24-hour service that you can call upon at any time in case you lock yourself out of your home. Key curation and re-keying services are also available in case you are just moving in or have older locks. There’s nothing we won’t do to help keep the people of Lexington safe, so call us today!



Emergency Lockout Specialists

Lock Re-keying— One Key for All Doors!

Locks Opened & Changed

Lost Keys Replaced

Deadbolts Installed

Master Keying

High-Security Locks

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Business owners are alike in a lot of different ways, and one of those similarities is the desire for security from outside forces. At Pop-A-Lock, we can provide everything you will need to keep your business safe: key cards, high-security locks, access control systems, and more security services are all provided to the business owners of Lexington.

Despite our nationwide success as a franchise, we have never forgotten our roots and the fact that we make up just a small part of the biggest locksmith company in the country. That’s why we can relate to businesses both big and small and respond to their wants and desires accordingly.


Emergency Lockout Specialists

Lock Re-keying— One Key for All Doors!

Locks Opened & Changed

Lost Keys Replaced

Deadbolts Installed

Master Keying

High-Security Locks

Door Repair and Installation

Access control Systems

Keycard Systems

Restricted Keyway

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 Be aware of the possibility of locksmith scammers that will reel you in with low prices but fail to keep their promises. They will arrive late, charge you extra, and possibly break your lock, leaving you with a bigger problem than before. We care about you and your business, that’s why you can expect the best in customer service from a Pop-A-Lock locksmith! We will arrive on time, provide our service, and never charge more than we quoted you over the phone. 

Trust the most reliable locksmith franchise in the world to serve you, and call Pop-A-Lock today!