Kinds of Aftermarket Electronic Car Keys

We are going to discuss several different kinds of aftermarket electronic car keys. There are similar dangers that they share, but it is always important to be aware that not every aftermarket electronic car key is used for the same purpose. It is important for you to search for the kind of key that you need for your purpose. Locksmith services Houston can help you with this.

Transponder Keys

This is a physical key with a chip on the inside of it. Frequently this chip is placed under under the plastic cover that goes over the bow (the part of the key that you hold onto to turn the key). If there is a remote installed on the bow of the key, the transponder chip might be in the plastic also. The key needs to be inserted into your car’s ignition cylinder. These are not the same thing as a key-less entry device. After you have purchased an aftermarket electronic car key with these chips, some type of transponder key programming will need to be done.

Key Fobs

It is easier to figure out whether you need to have a key fob replacement or not than it is to determine whether you need transponder keys. A key fob is used when you have a push button start car. This kind of aftermarket electronic car key is a complex mechanism and certain specifications are required. You need to ensure that you purchase a product that works with your car’s make and model. Unbranded aftermarket car keys might work, however you have to heavily scrutinize them.


Car key remotes may be separate or part of a key transponder key or key fob. Whatever form they take, they are intended to be used from a distance. They are the devices that you click in order to lock, unlock or set the panic alarm off. These are if you just need a new remote, and don’t need a device that starts your car (which doesn’t include new remotes that are able to remotely start your car, since those are key fobs as well).

Programmed Already

Sometimes aftermarket electronic car keys purchased online come already programmed. It is something that is nearly impossible for a regular person to detect, since the car it is going to open isn’t anyplace near. This just makes it possible to program the key. It will be a very frustrating experience until you stop trying to use it. You will of course still be upset and need to buy and program a new key. At that point, hopefully you won’t purchase any aftermarket electronic car keys coming from a low-quality source.

After an aftermarket electronic car key has been programmed, you cannot reprogram it. You need to ensure that the product you are purchasing hasn’t been previously used on someone else’s car. It is easier to check that on transponder keys, since the key blade can be looked at. If an aftermarket electronic car key has been cut it most certainly has been programmed.

Whenever you decide to do car key replacement on your own and do the research and buy aftermarket electronic car keys, there is a good chance you won’t end up getting what you really need. First of all, you might make the mistake of not knowing what kind of car key you really need. In addition to needing to know whether you need a fob, transponder or remote, you also need to ensure that the aftermarket electronic car key that you purchase works with the make and model of your car. Make sure to use a distributors where the functionality of the aftermarket electronic car keys that they sell are detailed.

Poor Quality

Quality issues mainly come from off brand kinds of aftermarket electronic car keys. A generic device will not have the exact look or logos of your original electronic key and often use soft, brittle or thin plastic. That makes the key very delicate. I would love to tell you to just be more careful with your car keys, however that isn’t realistic since people are always throwing down their keys on counter tops.

In addition to the physical aspect of aftermarket electronic car keys, the electronics may be also be a problem. Cheap components or poor connections can decrease aftermarket electronic car keys lifespan significantly. Proximity requirements for them to work effectively can be very strict or inconsistent. Remote buttons might decrease your device’s functionality or stop working.

No Customer Service

You will need help if you have any problems with an aftermarket electronic car key. Unfortunately, many aftermarket electronic car key distributors don’t offer good customer service. Some don’t have any kind of customer service whatsoever. With aftermarket electronic car keys is is very important to have this kind of backup since these devices have to be programmed. It is a lot easier to program them if you just need to duplicate your car keys. It can be done by locksmith services Houston or at a hardware store.

It is a completely different story trying to program without a spare key. This can be quite tricky, since nearly every car has its own process, and you probably won’t be familiar with its exact programming process. If you plan to do this on your own, be sure there is a customer service phone number for the retailer you are planning on buy the aftermarket electronic car key from. Unless you have someone to help with troubleshooting any programming issues that might arise, you will end up needing to call a professional.

Using a reputable seller is the best thing you can do to avoid having problems with aftermarket electronic keys. To bypass all of the potential problems, the best thing to do is have your device professionally programmed. That also provides you with the chance to invalidate all of the existing keys, in case a car key was stolen or lost. Avoid all of the dangers. Drive safe and get what you need.

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