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Pop-A-Lock has been serving Tennessee for over a decade a half, and we are proud to be expand our coverage area and services to the Franklin, Tn region. We have invested in the newest technology, training our skilled locksmiths, growing our service fleet, and investing in the most efficient equipment.

We have unparalleled customer service which aims to live up to our cities reputation as one of the friendliest in the nation. Whether you’re a long time resident, or a Franklin Tn newcomer, we look forward to meeting you, helping you, and keeping you safe.Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Franklin Tn

Services Offered:

The following are just some of the Locksmith services Pop-A-Lock offers for Franklin residents on their home, business and automotive needs.

  • Franklin Lockout Services
  • 24 Hour Service for Locksmith Services
  • Help for People Locked Out of their Home or Car
  • Franklin Emergency Lock Out Assistance
  • Franklin Maker of Auto Keys
  • Franklin Replacement and Duplication of Home Keys and Car Keys
  • Re-key Services
  • Assistance when Keys are Lost – whether they are house or car keys
  • Installation of Master key systems
  • Sales of Safe and its final Installation

    The Department of Commerce and Insurance of the Tennessee Government regulates the industry through the “Tennessee Locksmith Licensing Program.” To practice locksmithing in Franklin, persons or legal entities have to apply for a license and qualify as a General Locksmith in the state of Tennessee. Automotive and Safe and Vault are additional classifications and specialties for licensed locksmiths.The locksmith industry is beset with problems and much abuse from unscrupulous people and Franklin locksmiths have their share of these problems.

    Free Services: Emergency Door Unlocking Program

     PALSavesKids Franklin Tn Locksmith

    Pop-A-Lock renders free services in Franklin which covers two types:

    1.  Emergency Door Unlock or EDU, where Pop-A-Lock comes to rescue a child, an old man or woman or a person when they are locked in or they are caught in dangerous situations for FREE.

    2. Keys are returned by mail for FREE if a person loses them through the Free Key Return Program.

    Please give us a call when you need Franklin, Tn locksmith services! We offer the best prices and we are very reliable as the trusted 24-hour locksmith servicing emergencies or performing regular jobs on calls in Franklin and its surrounding counties.

    Coverage Areas:

    We cover the ENTIRE Franklin and Surrounding area including:

    Franklin, Brentwood, FairviewSpring HillThompson's Station and Nolensville. 

    We provide Locksmith Services in the following Zipcodes:

  • 37027
  • 37211
  • 37215
  • 37128
  • 37221
  • 37046
  • 37135
  • 38476
  • 37060
  • 38482
  • 37062
  • 37064
  • 37066
  • 37065
  • 37068
  • 37067
  • 37069
  • 37167
  • 37174
  • 37179
  • 36922
  • 37082
  • 37013
  • 37015
  • 37014
  • 38401
  • 37025
  • Locksmith Franklin TN – Lockout Service                              

    Locksmith Franklin TN – Rekey Service                               

    Locksmith Franklin TN – Car Key Service

    Tn Locksmith License: #417