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Commercial Rekeying Services


Pop-A-Lock® is your trusted commercial locksmith, with custom solutions and pricing for a variety of markets! Let the professionals secure your business – from lock rekeying, to lock repair and installation, electronic locks, and more! 

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Commercial Rekeying

Have you recently had a personnel change at your business? 

Do you simply think it’s time to vet which individuals can have access to your space? 

Rekeying your office or building will ensure that you know exactly who has access and will increase it’s overall security. One of your most important responsibilities as a business owner or property manager involves keeping your business secure from intruders or those who may have ill intentions.

After all, you do have access to files that contain your employees’, partners’, and customers’ sensitive information and the longer you have maintained that relationship, the more information you have. Because of this, you want to ensure with definite confidence that no one steals or has access to that sensitive data. Aside from the data, your commercial space might also have valuable equipment and products. In your building, you may even have cash stored that is yet to be deposited or is used for small transactions in the workplace. 

To ensure the safety of yourself, your employees, and everything that is stored in your facility, you must be sure that the current security system you are using is adequate to meet the security measures needed in your area. Rekeying your current system is vital in helping protect these assets. These practices help maintain your peace of mind as a business owner, knowing your employees, information, and personal property are all safe while you are not on the property.

With a rekeying, it is important to note that the lock itself is not removed from the door. Instead, our professional locksmiths work to change the pinning inside the current lock. After this is accomplished, the technician will then provide new keys for you. With commercial rekeying, any existing keys held by previous employees will not work on the new system. This is a great option if the lock hardware itself is in good condition, but you want to update who has current access to the building.

Why Pop-A-Lock®?

There are several reasons for business owners or property managers to invest in commercial rekeying, ranging from general safety concerns to organizational efficiency:

  1. Your business just bought a new building
  2. Your business just began renting a new building
  3. You have bought or began renting a building that had previous owners
  4. Your building’s previous owners left you feeling unsettled about moving into the space
  5. An employee or manager lost their current set of keys
  6. You let go an employee who feels negatively about the circumstance and may want retribution
  7. Someone broke into your office recently and you do not want this to occur again
  8. Your keys are old, and have damage on them
  9. Your keys are not working as they should be, it takes many times for the key to unlock the door
  10. Several employees are having issues getting into the commercial space
  11. You simply want a greater sense of peace of mind that your workplace is secure and safe

Why Pop-A-Lock for Commercial Lock Repair and Installation?

  • As part of the nation’s largest contingency of automotive locksmiths, we have access to a great source of knowledge we can rely on for any issue.
  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.
  • Our locksmiths are provided specialized training and specialized equipment to ensure they can provide the best service to our customers
  • Every locksmith has been background checked and is licensed and insured where applicable.

If ensuring the safety and security of your office space or building is something that you are considering, give your local Pop-A-Lock a call. We’d be happy to give you a quote, schedule an appointment, or answer any questions you may have regarding our Commercial Rekeying Services!


What’s the difference between rekeying a lock at my home and one at my business?

The biggest difference between these two types of locks is that commercial locks are more than likely more complicated and belong to a master system, therefore taking more time to rekey. While residential locks often only have 5 pins within the mechanism, commercial locks require higher security and can have between 5 and 7 pins. And while you can opt to rekey a single lock in a home setting, often businesses run on master keys, so rekeying one lock means rekeying all of them.

What are the benefits of master key systems for a business?

Having a master key system is a popular and beneficial option for businesses such as hotels, offices, and hospitals. Master keys grant immediate access to every building area or room on the premises. These keys are also not able to be duplicated, which allows for easier tracking of who is in possession of these keys.

Are there any disadvantages to master key systems for businesses?

As with everything, the master key system is not foolproof. If you or another keyholder at your organization somehow loses track of one of the master keys, it can expose your business to possible security risks. A complete rekey will be necessary to remedy this problem.

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