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Pop-A-Lock provides transponder keys and transponder key programming for any type of vehicle, all at great prices.

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Transponder Keys & Transponder Key Programming

Let the experts at Pop-A-Lock handle the programming of your car's replacement transponder keys. We get it right the first time!

Transponder keys are becoming more commonly used by a variety of automobile manufacturers in their newer model year vehicles because they provide an added level of security for your vehicle. The keys themselves may not appear much different than a standard all-in-one key fob, however the technology inside makes them far superior to standard automobile keys.


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Transponder Key Programming

Replacing a transponder key for your vehicle is not as simple as getting a new key cut to match your ignition. This process should be performed by a trained professional in order to ensure the key will function properly and start your vehicle. All Pop-A-Lock technicians are thoroughly trained to perform programming of transponder keys for any make or model vehicle, and we guarantee our work to be of the highest level.

What Is A Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are specially designed to provide a higher level of security by placing a signal emitting circuit inside the key. This circuit is activated when it receives a signal from the computer in your vehicle, which is known as the ECU, or electronic control unit. Communication between these two components is required to start the vehicle, and will result in failure to start if they are improperly configured/programmed. This technology greatly increases the security of your vehicle's ignition, as it cannot be started by any other means.