Pop-A-Lock Locksmith Columbus, GA

Rain or shine. Night or day. You know Pop-A-Lock of Columbus, GA has always been available.





Remember when you locked your keys in your car at 3 am? You called Pop-A-Lock because they were the only company open. What about the time you called to have us reinstall the glass door at your business because it wouldn't close? How about that new home you bought for your family? You called us again to install new hardware and one key had to work everything.

I could go on, but you already know that when you call, one of our team of certified locksmiths will pick up the phone and talk with you. Each team member is dedicated to pride in service and customer satisfaction and we will strive to gain your business by fulfilling your needs quickly and professionally. It is our vision and hope that when you think about locks, you will always call Pop-A-Lock.

Just call 1-800-POP-A-LOCK or one of the local dispatch numbers to your right for immediate assistance.


CSA Jonathan Locke  9-15

 I am pleased to announce that Jonathan Locke is the CSA award winner for Columbus Georgia for the 2nd Quarter. Jonathan is a hard worker who is self-motivated to do what is necessary to ensure that our customers receive quick service in a way which makes the customer feel like their day just got better. Customers who have been served by Jonathan sent in more compliments during these past 3 months than anyone else in our city, which is no small task. In a day where Jonathan helps about 12 customers and there is no doubt that each one is satisfied, but beyond that, they will actually call in to let us know up sometimes one, two and even three times in a day. He has set a high bar for our other techs to follow, but it is a challenge each one looks forward to. I would like to thank Jonathan Locke for everything he does day in and day out to serve those who need it the most, our Pop A Lock customers.
Pop-A-Lock raised $100,000 for St. Jude's Children
PAL  St. Jude donation

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